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Moonly weekly progress update #59 - use cases for the Automatio Bot

Moonly weekly progress update #59 — use cases for the Automatio Bot

Use cases for the Automatio Bot:

  • Automatically feed Artificial Intelligence (AI) with data

  • Extract data from websites without APIs

  • Automatic tracking of price action on e-commerce platforms (such as Etsy and eBay)

  • Automate and streamline Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword research

  • Automate content distribution over various platforms (such as Twitter and Instagram)

  • Autonomously generate leads

  • Automate the processes of monitoring product availability in online stores

  • Find the best deals for products or services online, within your budget, autonomously

  • Perform market analysis by automatically collecting, organizing, and displaying essential metrics

  • Automate the process of conducting stress tests on websites using various inputs

Weekly developer progress:

  • Did experiments with dumps to figure out a way for reducing the amount of data

  • Debugged WL application and introduced small fixes

  • Made a new script to dump collections for development

  • Migrating web stuff from old hosts to the RPC server

  • Debugged WL application — saving user together with the nomination

  • Found a potential issue with Discord token expiration

  • Checked ME API endpoint information

  • Working on KDOS WL login and video processing bugs

  • Fixing login problems and discussing solutions

  • Fixing a few server-side bugs

  • Updated “messageUpdate” event for changed announcements

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • A new HVB service was created to assign roles and notify the holder

  • Implemented events class for handling live interactions

  • Connecting codes with Moonly bots DB

  • Discord “role checker payload” fixed

  • Modified wallet checker based on the Discord role checker changes

  • Added a new extra resolver

  • Changed the DB schema by renaming tables and adding indexes for better performance

  • Multi-selection option for selection moderator roles fixed

  • Improved Discord role checker queue

Raffle Feature and Twitter Space Giveaway:

  • Created global state and ability to initialize it

  • Triggered Raffle Draw from the backend & improved Time Sync

  • Done Claim Reward Button and connecting it to the raffle endpoint

  • Tested the Twitter space giveaway last time after seeding the database

  • Refactored all backend codes

  • Reviewed the backend codes deployment for performance optimization

  • Tested the backend as much as possible

  • Implemented backend resolver to get current user raffles

Upcoming NFT projects:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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