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Moonly weekly progress update #53 - Upgraded Holder Verification Bot

Moonly weekly progress update #53 — Upgraded Holder Verification Bot

We just deployed new changes for our HVB (holder verification bot). We added some cool stuff that I am sure other tools don’t have it. We might break something, but I think we are fine. The update is a bit detailed and maybe technical, but still worth sharing it.

When we add moderators roles to manage HVB, we gonna make a simple landing page (website) and start marketing it.


  • Meticulously resolved rendering issues to ensure accurate and seamless time display

  • Skillfully addressed the naming issue for NFTs, allowing for precise identification

  • Successfully resolved the rule creation issue for non-role entities, ensuring smooth functionality

  • Efficiently fixed the role fetch issue when changing servers, ensuring consistent data retrieval

  • Skillfully resolved the scrolling issue in the search feature, providing a seamless user experience

  • Methodically fixed the role creation issue for managed roles, ensuring proper role assignment

  • Effectively resolved fetching issues with rules, ensuring reliable data retrieval


  • Introduced the highly anticipated “Generate Rules” feature, empowering users with automation capabilities

  • Seamlessly integrated an error message for role create limit exceeds, providing clear feedback to users

  • Implemented pagination for verification rules, enhancing usability and navigation

  • Added color pointer at the role selection input, providing a visual cue for customization

  • Fixed focus margin issue for each search box, improving accessibility and user experience

  • Removed moonly bot API and used moonly API instead, changes some endpoints with the correct path

Performance Optimization:

  • Optimized performance by leveraging the power of the POST method with the request body, resulting in faster and more efficient operations

  • Streamlined the HVB page by reducing the number fetch of collection, trait value, and trait type requests, boosting overall performance

  • Successfully reduced time complexity during the initial rendering process, allowing for the quicker display of content

  • Achieved significant performance optimization by utilizing a single loop to detect the selected panel, enhancing responsiveness

UI Enhancements:

  • Crafted a polished button component, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity

  • Transformed the spinner by integrating it seamlessly within the search box, providing a delightful user experience

  • Incorporated pagination for verification rules, allowing for easier navigation and improved accessibility

  • Enriched the loading UI of buttons, creating a more engaging and user-friendly interface

  • Added a color pointer at the role selection input, facilitating intuitive selection

  • Included collection Image on collection search box input


  • Restructured the codebase by moving the queue inside the createRole function, enhancing code organization and maintainability

  • Prudently removed unnecessary states, streamlining the codebase and improving efficiency

  • Strategically modified the button component, ensuring consistency and a harmonious user interface

  • Reordered the collection column to the first position, improving data presentation and user experience

  • Relocated the add rule button to the top, enhancing usability and accessibility

  • Intelligently reversed the create server roles checkmark, aligning it with user expectations

  • Implemented a user-friendly color palette for roles, allowing users to personalize their role colors effortlessly

Bug Fixes:

  • Successfully addressed the channel section issue, ensuring proper functionality and seamless user experience

  • Resolved the delete handler issue, allowing for accurate and reliable deletion of data

  • Implemented strict validation logic for rules, effectively detecting and handling page number discrepancies

  • Expertly resolved the onFocus fetch collection issue, ensuring smooth data retrieval and accurate results

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