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Moonly weekly progress update #50 - Getting closer to a Sniper tool

Moonly weekly progress update #50 — Getting closer to a Sniper tool

The working version of Sniper is there. But it’s not ready for production, specifically because we need to finish up with some important stuff so we can move forward!

Basically, it is on the staging server, ready to be tested and played with!
Also, UI is being polished and it needs to be changed and prepared before the public release!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Added option for automatic seed for the last message on the database

  • Working on the issue for Edited Announcements

  • Working on updating the DB and frontend to store data in multiple collections

  • Finished and wrapped up all the works around WL

  • Fixed the live-feed websocket issue that occurred because of migrating

  • Created and Connected API to verify the Twitter handle

  • Integrated Twitter following and Discord member check

  • Fixed Circular dependency issue

  • Work in progress — integrating video processor in Moonly codebase

  • Almost finished the User role task

  • Working with frontend and GraphQL queries on the announcement catcher tab

  • Setup Video processing App

  • Resolved Package Conflicts

  • Improving ME stats scraper

  • Set placeholder inside the search bar

  • Added search icon at the search box

  • Made roles selection box into the search box

  • Resolved multi-wallet checker issue to get a combined role

  • Fixed bug related to Multiselect Staking

  • Working on HVB issues with assigning a specific role

Raffle Feature:

  • Make Prize accounts optional and fix the error for that change

  • Auto Remove the unit prize if the prize is empty or zero

  • Auto remove the whole prize if every prize unit is none

  • Added more than one prize to the raffle

  • Add raffle winner test and rust endpoint

Sniper bot:

  • Finished migrating the sniper bot into Moonly

  • Merged it with staging

  • Fixed the majority of the conflicts

Upcoming NFT collections:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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