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Moonly weekly progress update #49 - Secret thing coming out soon

Moonly weekly progress update #49 — Secret thing coming out soon

We are secretly working on something. You probably will think you know what is about, but you don’t. It’s different, real, and valuable. It’s gonna help Moonly, because …

Anyway, let me get back to work. Writing and designing always make me feel good. I feel better that I expressed myself. Remember, we are here long term, we like to build, that is our passion. We will get better, at whatever we are missing out.

We are not perfect, and will not be, but will give our best to provide value for everyone.

Weekly devs progress:

  • Re-processed attributes for older collections

  • Improving scrapers mints code

  • Fixed the absence issue of some collections

  • Fixed the annoying bug with PDA testing

  • Added simple test for Associated Token Account

  • Added SFT minting function and test for local-net

  • Mints scraper and attribute migrator are done and deployed

  • Tested backend resolvers (loginTwitter, linkTwitter & unLinkTwitter)

  • Fixed some bugs which arose while merging the front-end & backend

  • Added the collection seedbox for selecting collections in the Discord announce tab

  • Working on implementing automatic posting of data whenever the next announcement will come

  • Analyzed & designed a database for the twitter-space-giveaway feature

  • Analyzed Twitter space response data

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Fixing why ‘edit collection’ doesn’t work after adding any rule

  • Working on ‘delete rule operation’ with a confirmation pop-up

  • Improved collection search — selection box

  • Enhanced the selection box as search friendly

  • Fixing dashboard tab — should have different slugs for different pages

  • Removed default role feature while user added rule the first time

  • Added required condition exception for empty collection filed

  • Fixed error message alignment issue

  • Deployed the changes to the test bot

  • Found and fixed the search selection issue

  • Fixed query issues when the NFT name has any type of symbol

  • Added blockchain slug filter option for collection search

  • Migrated wallet checker to multi-wallet checker

Raffle Feature:

  • Fixed a few bugs in the Raffle Rust code

  • Added/Fixed tests of the Raffle Event

  • Researched and tried to solve the issue of Green Screen detection

  • Updated Raffle deposit and withdrawal logic

  • Fixed Twitter login integration issue on frontend

  • Added test for NFT check in raffle vault after deposit

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