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Moonly weekly progress update #45 - First Staking Client

Moonly weekly progress update #45 — First Staking Client

I think we can celebrate this milestone. Why? Because we have our first client, Kaimana DAO, using our SaaS (Staking as a Service) in production. Their community already staked 436 tokens, which is pretty cute.

Since most of our tools have been free so far, I think this is a great new beginning for Moonly. We have a lot more work to do. Releasing other tools that are being developed (Portfolio tracker, Sniper, other Discord tools/bots, Royaltie Detection tool, Raffles, etc) and package them correctly, so it can be easy to consume for users and customers and understand the value we are providing.

We also need to improve existing stuff: some things are broken, bugged, or need improvements. It’s natural in the development world, especially if you make such a complex platform like Moonly.

We aim to polish SaaS even more, package it with other tools, and start reaching projects and people.

Discord HVB bot or Staking as a Service is an excellent way for Moonly to grow. If they use our service, they will basically work for us since all their holders/members will need to come to our website, register, and use our tools.

Weekly developer progress:

  • Removed the old component for dropdowns

  • Created the Schema for the resolver

  • Figured out why the published filter was getting slow

  • Fixed the test Moonly bot server

  • Switched Live-feed events history to the Big DB

  • Introduced a switch to disable ad popups on the dev server

  • Discussed the multi-collection feature

  • Implemented multi-threading & scheduler in the Twitter-scraper app

  • Finalized the Ui changes

  • Fixing the multiple instance issues that were crashing the remote server

  • Finished migrating the sniper bot to the Moonly codebase

  • Fixed tx-parser issue with Magiceden

  • Refactored the Twitter space project codes

  • Figuring out how to implement the Twitter authentication system

  • Finished the login UI/UX

  • Added image URL verification

  • Finalise changes to the Big DB structure

Staking (Locking):

  • Created Kaimana tokens

  • Seeded the attribute traits

  • Created a PR for fixing the SuperAdmin issues

  • Adding “Mission Staking” smart contract and local test validator

  • Fixed tx-parser’s previous failing test cases

  • Making staking page info public

  • Researched and created a rough data structure for Mission Account

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