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Moonly weekly progress update #43

Moonly weekly progress update #43

Hello everyone, how was your weekend? This week, Portfolio Tracker and Staking(Locking) features are being tested and prepared for production!
Then the real testers will be the holders and other projects who will use these features, and they will give us real feedback!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Load NFTs from the database

  • Fixed the bugs and deployed for custom notification

  • Checking videos and docs provided for a multi-wallet

  • Fixed the frontend multiple fetching issues for the blogs resolver

  • Reviewed multi-wallet/linking PR, added very minor improvements to DB schema

  • Deployed link multi-wallet

  • Finished deploying the new five dev servers

  • Resolved the historical issue and optimized it

  • Shipped PT logs to our other servers

Staking (Locking):

  • Create a resolver for fetching fungible tokens

  • Added collection Info and Updated color on the staking item

  • Added trait_count field on Collection-Info structure

  • Fixed Reward issue at first load

  • Show admin management section only for super admin

  • Added stats info on the staking page

  • Fixed a bug with Unstake Button on Authority Staking

  • Created New UI for the NFT staking page, linked the data, and made it responsive for all screens

  • Tried to fix the current wallet linking issue

  • Reduced Nft item card size on Staking Page

  • Fixed a bug related to reward count animation

  • Removed Reward Token field from NFT-card

  • Added $ sign before every token symbol

  • Show NAN on the top info section when the reward is disabled

  • Added Unstaked filter tab on Staking Page

  • Added load more button for Staked NFT and Unstaked NFT tabs

  • Filter tabs moved to dropdown and left aligned

  • Fixed the bug with Multiselect when the UserPool account is not initialized

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Improved the Update Stats function

  • Finished the Parser improvement

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