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Moonly weekly progress update #42

Moonly weekly progress update #42

So much great stuff should come out in the two next weeks. We are so excited, and we are working at the full speed on Moonly!
It doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you do not stop!

Weekly developer progress:

  • Fixed the historical low/high price issue of the update scheduler

  • Discuss the issue with Devnet staking feature

  • Make the simplest log storage on AutomatioWorker

  • Deployed PRs for UI

  • Discuss ways to get transactions, saving issues, planning

  • Fixed the issue of Moonly-bot’s token verification

  • Solved issue with queues not working after fallback from KeyDB migration

  • Solved the issue on some GraphQL queries

  • Debugging what is generating an insane load on the RPC server when running PT

  • Several deploys for UI on Moonly

  • Finished custom notification feature

  • Cloned production DB

  • Switched Live Feed to a separate Redis

  • Switch Stats Scraper to a separate Redis

  • Attempt to migrate the Portfolio Tracker

Staking (Locking):

  • Added Resolver For Extra Wallet

  • Created and refactored Wallet Management Popup

  • Created a database model for a wallet

  • Research on making the whole process secure

  • Research on adding the “Backpack Wallet”

  • Added functionality “Add Another Wallet”

  • Added functionality “Unlink Wallet”

  • Added functionality “Make a Wallet Primary Wallet”

  • Enabled login from multiple wallets to the same account

  • Show extra info, when signing the message

  • Partially fixed a logout bug with Phantom Wallet on Chrome

  • Created PR for “Multi-Link Wallet”

  • Created the improved model for attribute Trait&Value

  • Created a Seeding Script and tested it on a small scale

  • Created script for parsing Royalty Fee

  • Fixed Staking related issues by adding a trait

  • Fixed issue — Trait and reward not showing with authority staking

  • Fixed an issue with the link multi-wallet branch

  • Fixed backpack wallet PR build issue

  • Fixed an issue of not being able to add multiple attributes of the same trait

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Improved some codes & added an alert queue with ETH scraper

  • Deploy the ETH scraper

  • Trying to fix the Etherscan URL issue

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