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Moonly weekly progress update #41

Moonly weekly progress update #41

Hello, how is everyone? This week we are adding market data for ETH projects and we are adding over 40 thousand new ones which will be monitored.
Staking as a service and Portfolio tracker is still in the testing phase but this week we started experimenting with the new feature!
We have positive experiments and results, and after SaaS and PT are implemented, we gonna work on buying automation, AKA sniping bot. We are excited to see how that will work on Moonly.

Weekly developer progress:

  • Worked on adding currency filed on admin UI

  • Finished highlighting fields

  • Fixed the backend resolver issue

  • Find ways to save tons of data

  • Checking what is wrong with the Twitter Alpha scraper

  • Debugged the reasons for the RPC server crash down

  • Added collection address inside the NFT form for the Ethereum & Polygon chain

  • Fixed the merge issue for published NFTs on the MatchNFT page

  • Fixed the production currency icon issue

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Implemented metadata retry logic

  • Worked on Any-trait search

  • Fixed “unauthorized error” on search NFT

  • Implemented the search NFT feature on HVB

  • Changed DB structure to support any NFT on HVB

  • Resolved HVB issue, tested, and deployed to staging

Staking (Locking):

  • Created Special Staking Access for Moonly author

  • Implemented Stake Count Authentication on the server side

  • Fixed stack overflow issue on CollectionInfo>Attributes

  • Better info message for multi-select

  • Fixed reward not reduced after the claim

  • Fixed negative reward value when staking

  • Showing total loaded NFTs on the Page

  • Implemented “verify NFT” from DB metadata

  • Found & Fixed some issues related to authority staking

  • Fixed trait not loading issue

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Added metrics server to Portfolio tracker

  • Add proxies logging to PT

  • Experiment with saving transactions to different backends

  • Fixed indexes on the Portfolio tracker

  • Experimented with saving logs

  • Found and removed a bug that led to endless crashes/restart

  • Tested saving logs into SQLite DB

  • Attempted to track issue causing runaway CPU consumption

Sniping Bot:

  • Worked on merging the buy NFT button and testing it in staging

  • Organized the code for the NFT Sniping bot

  • Added filter and support for old transactions

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Included auto-created & published NFT suggestion feature

  • Fixed admin MatchNFT’s page

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