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Moonly weekly progress update #39

Holder Verification Bot (HVB) is in production for some time and now the real testing begins.
Very soon the other roles will be introduced for holders with more than one NFT or even specific traits!
We are gonna start offering to other projects Holder Verification Bot as well as Staking as a Service, Token creation, and Sales Bot which also arrive very soon!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Experiment with catching a transaction and matching it with the production database

  • Finished and tested user roles

  • Figuring out the data structure on the sol-sniper live feed, and the execution flow

  • Working on app performance and optimization analysis

  • Fixing the bug in the top section of top volume changes

  • Analyzing every DB calls with Explain statement

  • Reviving Big BD scraper and cleaning up the DB schema

Holder Verification Bot (HVB):

  • Investigate how to restructure the HVB

  • Solved an issue on RPC-proxy

  • Worked on discord link, log in, merge account

  • Implemented test message feature on HVB

  • Done some testing on various servers

  • Setup and deployed Holder Verification Bot to production

Work on the Ethereum collections market data:

  • Added Opensea & Etherscan icons inside eth NFT details page

  • Removed total listed count API call

  • Reduced ETH update scheduler query to reduce some latency

  • Made the stat chain icons dynamic

  • Working on a solution for the Meilisearch issue

  • Discovered why Opensea & Etherscan URLs can’t merge

Staking (Locking):

  • Added global state update endpoint in smart contract

  • Added global state update form and error handling

  • Tested account migration with real test case

  • Created API for getting user stake count

  • Successfully made Shared Library for staking and backend

  • Fixed “connect wallet”, now it will redirect to the login page

  • Removed Switch and renamed Active to Checkbox and Staking Active

  • Allow Staker to un-stake NFT and claim the reward when staking is disabled for that collection

  • Deployed to testing server and fixed some build issues

  • Tested Stake Count Authentication

  • Added a popup with an un-stake option when there isn’t enough token in the collection vault

  • Fixed info hiding issue on the token management section

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