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Moonly weekly progress update #35

Moonly weekly progress update #35

Hello amazing people, I hope everyone feels great!

Portfolio Tracker, Staking as a service, and Discord bot are one week closer to achieving our goal. We are happy that people will really gain a lot from these new features!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Researched how we can display discord relink message

  • Made DB changes and implemented functionality for this feature

  • Fixed some design issues on the profile and login page

  • Investigated role issue on the Discord bot

  • Fixed discord-bot deployment issues

  • Deployed mints scraper on RPC server

  • Investigated an issue about contradictory rule setup

  • Tested and deployed the latest changes on the Discord bot (HVB)

  • Checked the progress of scraping, did minor fixes

Staking (Locking):

  • Edit metadata functionality added

  • Data caching was added for getting tokens

  • Fixed rendering issue

  • Added creator field in token creation

  • Updated Token Create/Update Form for UI

  • Give a Reward boost based on the current time passed for reward per day(Smart-Contract)

  • Give Reward for Reward Boost even when the boost period is not complete

  • Calculated Real-time reward on frontend

  • Show all time of staked on hover in seconds

  • Added Pagination For Staking Nft Page

  • Fixed a bug related to the pagination component

  • Fixed date formatting on NFT-card

  • Fixed removing trait reward when it’s not available in the DB

  • Show special trait item on Nft-Item if matches with collection

  • Fixed fetch error when it aborted with page refresh

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Relinked transactions to tokens

  • Removed transactions that cannot be tied to tokens

  • Deployed changes on the RPC server

  • Investigated and fixed PT’s different holding value issue

  • Fixed Token Tracker Postgres deadlock issue

  • Started implementing simple workers for scraping mints

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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