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Moonly weekly progress update #32

As you all know we are currently in the testing phase. Buckle up and be patient just a little longer, because soon enough you will have the chance to test it yourself!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Added loading parameters to next/dynamic imports

  • Fixed hovering issue on NFT cards

  • Modified cron job to check rules

  • Modified DB schema for holder verification on Bot DB

  • Handled newly added verification rule

  • Fixed NFT page viewpoint bug and implemented new functionality and logic

  • Finished upcoming page changes (descriptions)

  • Improved wallet checker

  • Started working on metadata scraping during token creation

  • Excluded markdown in NFT description and fixed the fonts

  • Fixed ‘Internal server issue’ on holder-verification

  • Made DB schema changes and implemented holder notification feature

Staking (Locking):

  • Solved asset image not loading issue

  • Fetch the data of the token from the collection and show it on the NFT card

  • Fixed Staking related issue

  • Improved data fetching on the staking page

  • Created “Claim Reward” function and UI

  • Show claimable reward in NFT-Card

  • Rewrite staking-apps state management with recoil

  • Improved “Error Showing” to the user

  • Added Extra Claim Reward Button (Now the user will be able to claim the reward while staking and also when withdrawing (automatically))

  • Added functionality for handling server-side error

  • Testing Staking and Token Creation

  • Implemented “Collecting Metadata” for the new token and tested

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Improved performance of TX logs upload

  • Made backup of transaction table from BigDB

  • Updated structure, compressed the whole table

  • Made a new type of backup for the BigDB

  • Stashed backups on the main disk

  • Fixed issues with PT stats

  • Database structure cleanup on PT

  • Running utility to link transactions

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