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Moonly weekly progress update #30

Moonly weekly progress update #30

Happy New Year to everyone, God bless you all!
I hope you had a nice New Yearโ€™s Eve, with your loved ones and in the circle of your family.
I wish you lots of health, happiness, and love!

Weekly devs progress:

  • Write a script to simplify the new tx parser testing

  • Finished pagination in monitor table (not deployed)

  • Fixed meta tags

  • Fixed titles in images

  • Finished skeleton UI for NFT cards

  • Investigating parser improvement

  • Fixing the metadata-scraper issue

  • Researched options to decrease the Big Database disk space consumption

  • Resolved deployment problems on moonlydev

  • Researched the possibility to compress data in the Big DB

  • Design the flow of the holder verification feature

  • Design DB schema for verification settings in Bot DB

  • Wrote API on moonly-API for trait list of collection

  • Wrote resolvers in Moonly-bot for discord roles and traits

  • Added validation on frontend forms to not accept input without https:// protocol

  • Integrated Discord role API

  • Modified trait API and integrated it into the front-end

  • Integrated verification setting API

  • Modified different logic to display these data correctly

Staking (Locking):

  • Finished Stake Creation

  • Implemented Collection Update Functionality

  • Added admin functions in the admin area

  • Fixed metadata storage issue, itโ€™s showing up well in the wallet

  • Investigated wallet issues and improved anchor program code flow

  • Implemented Collection Owner Validation in Smart Contract

Portfolio Tracker:

  • Cleaned up and restructured the token-tracker package

  • Started scraping Token Transactions IDs on scale

  • Deployed live-feed-worker and tokens metadata scrapers on production

  • Investigated tokens metadata scrapers operation

  • Designed workflow for the on-demand Transaction Logs

  • Reviewed & merged fixes to identify more transactions types

  • Merged serving token metadata from the uploads folder

  • Reviewed and merged the separation of the token tracker API into the token tracker

Upcoming NFT projects to mint:

Minted projects worth mentioning:

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