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Make a Clicking App in Tkinter and Python

HI Lets make a simple Clicking App using Python and Tkinter. I am starting to learn more about Python and the more I learn the more interesting its becoming. To start I want to follow the same way I have learned all the .Net programs I have done before and I want to make small tutorials which will help others learn the same way I have. So here is the small Clicking app I have made using tkinter and Python. I have done a video tutorial of this on youtube if you want to check it out there.

YouTube Video Tutorial -

Source Code is here -

from tkinter import *
root = Tk()
root.title("MOO ICT Button Clicker")
number = 0
def ClickButton():
    global number
    number += 1
    ShowInfo["text"] = "You Clicked " + str(number) + " times."
ClickingButton = Button(root,text="Click Me!", padx=50, pady=50, bg="gold", font=("Arial, 22"), command=ClickButton)
ShowInfo = Label(root, text="message", font=("Arial, 20"), fg="purple", pady=20)
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