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Jaeger Tracing

This is my self documentation from original docs here.

What is Jaeger?

Jaeger, inspired by Dapper and OpenZipkin, is a distributed tracing system released as open source by Uber Technologies.

State themselves as:

Monitor and troubleshoot transactions in complex distributed systems
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The things that they address for the usages:

  • distributed transaction monitoring
  • performance and latency optimization
  • root cause analysis
  • service dependency analysis
  • distributed context propagation

And also here is the features:

  • OpenTracing with compatibility to Go, Java, Node, Python, C++ and C#.
  • Uses data with individual per service/endpoint probabilities
  • Multiple storage backends: Cassandra, Elasticsearch, memory.
  • System topology graphs

Jaeger helps me with performance monitoring like:

  • Response time for each endpoint

Response Time

  • Tracing error to which code break

Tracing Error

  • Find specific tag on each operation

Tag Finder

Jaeger helps me to monitoring error, tracing error and monitoring performance.

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