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Gunnar Gissel's Introduction

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I'm a software developer who works in fisheries management. I'm in Alaska, I do "full stack" development and I keep a blog over here

I principally work in Java, but I get my hands dirty with Solaris sysadmin-ing, PL/SQL, Javascript, batch scripts, continuous integration and all sort of other Fun™ things.

I love tools and code as much as anybody, but I'm fascinated by the mechanics of running a team. The process of building a functioning team that reaches consensus, allows for constructive disagreement and navigates the tricky parts of being enterprise support is as absorbing as any technical problem I've run across.

My blog covers code tips and tricks as well as soft skills that help lead a team of developers and effectively contribute to your stakeholder's goals.

Dev.to looks like an interesting community. I came here via @thepracticaldev and their amusing O'Rly images. I've got one hanging outside my door right now

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Saving fish by writing code! Applications developer in fisheries, specializing in webapps and moving 'enterprise-y' legacy systems to modern agile systems - Email or tweet me if you want to talk!


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