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WebStorm comes helpful with a lot of small bits of intelligence where one would assume the work has to be done manually. Not only does it have a separate menu labeled Refactor, packed with all kinds of extractions, moving, etc. but it also watches your coding and helps you (like for example when working in Angular/TS) to keep the file name in sync with class name. Most of renaming jobs can be done without using global search/replace without turning your app crashing be it for a second.

But WebStorm has also a great set of code inspections, some of them simply amazing. One time I was using .scrollTo(leftPos, topPos) where topPos was passed using a variable called lastYPos. When the thing was refusing to work as expected, in my desperation I became interested in squiggles that appeared around the statement. WebStorm politely asked me whether I was sure passing lastYPos as leftPos was a good idea. It knew that Y could probably mean something vertical. Turned out, I inadvertently mixed the order (blame CSS conventions for that!) and WS got me covered.

For those who are not so fluent using Git in command line, WebStorm has a great UI, allowing you to select files that should be included in a commit. But not only files - you can also select individual changes through checkboxes! During rebase interactive that UI is just a time saver. You can view changes of each and every commit in a diff mode.

I really encourage everyone to at least give WS a spin.

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