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As a self-teaching developer, I find the list of todo (to learn, to create, to improve) is growing faster than I can check things off the list! I first starting using a simple chrome extension to keep track of everything. As the list grew and grew, it's time to move to something more robust.

I've started a Trello board to keep things organized. So far I have three main lists:

  • Front End
  • Full Stack
  • Portfolio

I expect to add things to a fourth "Job Hunt" list in the coming months, as I make progress on those three. Some of the items on the list are small ("finish clone of front-end example") and some are huge and vague ("practice algorithms"). I ask of you, dev community, what are your tips and practices for staying organized and focused in this sea of "todo"?

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Jacob Colborn

I do exactly what you are doing with a Trello board. I like to be able to keep a list of the things I am working on. Being able to move stuff around, put notes, and organize the lists dynamically is very helpful. I also use Joplin as a notebook to take notes on various topics. It uses Markdown for the notes and I can sort and search them pretty easily.

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Monica Author

I think I need to mature my notes. I have a few legal pads full of notes - but do I look at them? Not really. I do think that note-taking helps me pay attention during tutorials and practice key concepts faster, I find myself looking at code from past projects to help me remember implementation details as well.