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Looking for UI feedback

Monica Granbois
・1 min read

I would like some feedback on a screen I redesigned, please. I have a standalone Apple Watch app, Barbell Helper. I updated the 'reverse calculator' screen. The purpose of the screen is to sum the weight of a barbell and the plates added to it. I changed the screen to provide a graphic of a barbell on which plates can be added or removed.

I would appreciate it if you tried the app out and let me know your thoughts. The app is available on test flight.

Here is a video of what the screen used to look like:

Here is a video of what the screen now looks like:

I'm specifically looking for feedback on:

  • the ease of tapping the buttons to add a plate to the barbell

  • the ease of tapping a plate on the barbell to remove it

  • the ease of understanding what plates are in use and the total weight

Other feedback is also appreciated.

Thank you!

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