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The best CMS for SEO (Or can CMS improve your SEO?)

Why do we stubbornly believe #HeadlessCMS is the best #CMS for #SEO?
CMS is a system that allows people who don't have the technical background to create and manage a website. First of all, most headless CMSs are content first, so everything else that happens and builds in the CMS benefits the content. The idea of headless CMS is not to predefine anything but to do everything you need.

Technical ranking factors that Headless CMS slays
Technical elements are the back-end building blocks that make up your website. Besides content quality and uniqueness, some major technical elements must work flawlessly. Search engines work by crawling and indexing your website's featured information.

  • Page speed
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Core Web Vitals parameters

Must-Have SEO Features in a CMS

Besides technical ranking factors, some On-Off page SEO factors are relevant too. Let’s go further and see what you need to do to achieve the #1 position.

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