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💻 Free Tailwind and Nuxt.js/Next.js job board code starter

Hello all!

Recently, my small web dev team and I designed and developed a millionth job board/careers page from scratch 🥲. So, we put some improvements into the code and decided to outsource it as a free code starter for Nuxt.js, Tailwind, and BCMS. Next.js is available too!

As I believe many of you had/will have an opportunity to build something similar, I decided to share it here as someone else might also like it :) Or at least have fun exploring the codebase :)

⭐️ It's free to use for whatever you might find useful, so make sure to save it for when you need it. ⭐️

What do you guys think about it?

When connected with BCMS, it allows companies to:

Companies to publish their open positions

It's a 4-step process where a company can:

  • Add main job information
  • Add company details
  • Add more job details

Applicants can apply

Published jobs are visible on the website, and applicants can search and filter through them. Then, they can apply:

Job board website screenshot

There are also:

Hope you'll love the project
Happy coding!

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