What's the most creative module or class name you have seen?

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At Kenna, we have a module called Mr. Radar. We use it to run two cron jobs, one nightly and one every 30 min. Each job looks for anomalies in data that might indicate a problem and alerts us if it finds any.

We were demo'ing the tool to our Sales team one day and they listened very intently for an hour. At the very end, one guy's eyes lit up and he asked "Is that a Spaceballs reference?!" The entire team lost it laughing and replied, "YEP!"

What is the most creative module or class name you have seen? It could be in your own code base or it could be in an open source code base!

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I love naming things for my own internal jokes, even if no one else will! 🤣

I have an OSS project (in C#) where the IoC container is called ShittyIoC because it's a really poor implementation of a container (but served my needs). That project also has an interface for implementing help called IProvideDirections.


My favorite is a friend of mine was showing me a Python program that he had written for one of his Physics classes, but instead of a main() he had Baymax(). When I asked why it was named that, his reply was "Because it is not fast"

Baymax hugging Hiro


In a team project I worked on, I used to name all classes I extended with "Bat...". Then CString became BatCString, CComboBox became BatCComboBox, and so. Noone ever knew that to me that empowered classes were my "Bat" tools, named after the cool stuff used by Batman (Batmobile, batarang, and so).


I'm in love with that naming convention!!!!


I like folktale. A set of utility functions and data structures for people who likes functional programming style in javascript. It's cool because the data structures that implements live in fantasy land.


we have a suite of modules which applies quite monochromatic color contrast themes to the app (white on blue, red on white, etc.) which is affectionately named Warhol 🙂🎨


I wrote a model to see how fast new family names can die out and it had lovely things like getMostPlentifulGender() or I have an issue open for better incest detection... Had some weird vars going on haha.


I came here for Mr. Radar. I am pleased to see that you have a module called Mr. Radar. I'm now tempted to write one called BlazingSaddles or KeepFiringAssholes.

I'm uncertain if it would pass code review.


Once I needed a class to purge orphan records in a MongoDB Collections. I called it Anakyn.


fuckingMunator because that class was a messy and nightmare to refactor the code.

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