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A review of 2020

mohit789 profile image mohit vishwakarma ・2 min read

No one can forget this year 2020 in their whole life thanks to Corona(Covid'19).I gonna share my whole story for this year.
what I learned?
what projects I created?
what I couldn't achived?
I started my coding journey from this year.
I have done the c and c++ programming course from mysirG coaching classes. I started their offline classes but due to covid'19 they shifted their classes in online mode.
in the first year of my college I purchased my laptop from flipkart and I started graphic designing.
Due to this skill as I have designed a little bit of posters for social media. my friends who started a website took me with them as a graphic designer for thier social media post designing.
and I have worked so much with them in this pandemic.
I will provide my graphic design portfolio you can visit and rate my work if you like.
at the starting of my 3nd sem I decided to learn web devlopment.
in the month of August I have done HTML from W3S
I also learned CSS from W3S itself.
afer competing both I have created so mamy simple html pages.
some of my work I have uploaded on github you can look my github portfolio.
after css I took a udemy course for JavaScript. but at the end of the year I totally become exhaust and I ruined the whole December month and also some days of November.
that's why I could not achive the goal of completing the frontEnd part of web development before the stating of this year 2021.
but now I am on the way to complete the course and surely I will complete this course before 20 jan 2021.
you can visit my portfolios for programming and graphic designing.

graphic design- behance portfolio
programming- github

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