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How can I Display data on an online store from the app server?

How can I Display data on an online store from the app server? I got a guideline, app proxy. but I cannot understand that.

I have created an admin Dashboard for the app following your tutorial. I created successfully a snippet file on the current Shopify theme using asset API. I can pass any HTML code as a snippet file value. This means I can pass any HTML or liquid code in the snippet file. That snippet file was created from my app.

I've added some settings fields for my app. And I can save data into my database.

Now I want to create a REST API to show the data for the Shopify client store. I created an API route.
For API I have created a Controller.

On the controller for the API, I need to run a query based on the same customer ID and the same Shopify shop name to get data from my database. In my database, I saved customer id and shop Name, and product id.

Now, How can I get a Shopify shop name and customer ID in the laravel controller?
So, I can run a SQL query using Shopify shop name and customer-id to get data from my database.

I can easily manage JavaScript to get the name of Shopify Shop. Example:
But how can I customer ID? The customer who logged in and saved the wishlist product.

Also, How can I write javascript in laravel controller or how can I access javascript value in the laravel controller?

I really need this assistance, I am trying to for the last few days. But I cannot find a solution.

Please sir help me

Thank you

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Zubair Mohsin

If you already have a snippet in theme and can pass Liquid file, you can create a hidden input with value of current customer and then retrieve it.

<input type='hidden' value="{{ }}" id="uniq_customer" />

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Mohin patwary

Thank you so much sir for responding here.
Actually, I followed the CodeInspire video tutorial. He saw everything in the admin part. But there is no video/guide to show data show online Shopify theme/store from the database,
I was just trying to show data from the app server/database to the Shopify online store.

I am trying to follow these instructions,

But I can properly understand these instructions. Could you please help me, sir? I will be really grateful to you.

Thank you

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Zubair Mohsin

Also make sure to check YouTube tutorial series by CodeInspire on building Shopify App with Laravel. He also builds a Wishlist app as an example in his tutorial.

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