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Hello everyone, my name is Mohammad Ali Barham from Palestine / Jericho City I came here when I found "" on StackExchange and I really want to make connection with people in my field and share experience, knowledge and (B2B )business to business services since I graduated from Alquds university from computer science department in 2006, I didn't work in a programming company after that and I got stuck in teaching the fundamentals of computer science and IT courses as an IT instructor in local institutions and schools but I've never stopped searching and learning all the new stuff around in the new programming technologies till this moment from front-end to backend development to mobile apps development, I have listened to a lot for mentors, and actually I still want to create my own startup in web and mobile development by outsourcing while I am learning new things which are best technologies to apply in my projects according to any suggestions and advice.

Kind greetings to you all guys,
Mohammad Ali Barham ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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