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I Completed the 2019 Hacktoberfest... But!

mohammedasker profile image Mohammed Asker ・1 min read

This is my first time to join and complete the Hacktoberfest and I enjoyed the heck of it. Not only that, but it was also my first time making PR request and getting merged into one of the projects I contributed!


There's one thing I'd like to ask you about this one:

Alt Text

Why would they not ship the swags to my country, Somalia? Is it because of the US embargo or logistic issues? I joined the event knowing that I won't receive any of it, which is okay, to be honest. I just want to know why the organizers make this decision.

P.S.: For the record, we have a DHL and Aramex offices in my town.


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I think you're better off asking Digital Ocean that