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create your own personal web page using Github

If you want to create a personal website for yourself and explain what you do. This article is for you ;)

First of all, you must have a Github account.

Then create a repository whose name is exactly the same as your username + ''

For example my account name is mohammad-hassani so the repository name will be ''.

It's optional that you make file or not.

After that GitHub will make a website exactly the same as your repository name and you can see your personal web page in browser!

But it's still empty!

If you created the file; that will be show in browser and if not; it's a blank page!

Now clone the repository and make an Index.html file in the folder; if you know the basics of html, CSS and JavaScript; then create a beautiful web page and write your personal info ;)

Then push the repository and wait a few seconds until GitHub accept your changes.

Then if you open browser and open your web page you will see your changes!

If you want to link a domain to your web page then create a 'CNAME' file in your repository and write your domain in that ; then link domain to GitHub

If you want help this is an example of my web page:

GitHub repository :
And my domain:

Be happy :)

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Sugeng Tigefa

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