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custom model data

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custom model data is not working in my server, idk why but i dont remember configuring something related to it to disable it, anyone knows how to fix it?

List of plugins in case sone of them disabled it:
AdvancedPets, AdvanceParticle, AirdropX, AntiPopup, AuctionHouse, BetterRTP, BountyHunters, ChatBrawl, ChestShop, ChunkSpawnerLimiter, Citizens, CMILib, CoreProtect, CrackShot, CrackShotPlus, CraftingStore, CrazyCrates, DecentHolograms, DeluxeMenus, dynmap, Dynmap-Towny, Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, ExecutableItems, GlowAPI, Infiniteannouncements, InfiniteVouchers, InventoryRollbackPlus, Jobs, LoneLibs, LuckPerms, MarriageMaster, mcMMO, Multiverse-Core, NBTAPI, PacketListenerApi, PinataParty, PlaceholderAPI, Plan, PlotSquared, ProtocolLib, PvPManager, RealScoreboard, ResourceWorld, SCore, ShopGUIPlus, SilkSpawners_v2, SimpleSit*, spark, SuperVanish, TAB, TDRPlaytime*, Towny, TownyChat, TradeSystem, Vault, Vehicles, ViaVersion, Votifier, Vulcan, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

thanks in advance

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