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College Decision Finally.

So after trying to self teach myself software development for 3 years I kinda realized that I really miss the school setting, and wanna improve my social skills as well. I also more or less know what short and long term goals I want to achieve with college and I wanted to find some people who are more knowledgeable to let me know if they think this is a good idea and maybe get some advice around that.

My short term goals(1-2 Years):
Work a part time job while studying for a transfer associates degree in computer science at the local community college, joining the robotics club and maybe studying a foreign language.

My long term goals(3-10 Years):
Graduate with a four year degree in Computer science, taking on various internships preferably ones in the the robotics field hoping it leads to a job at my dream company Tesla or any leader in the robotic/AI field.

A little more context about myself I'm 20 years old currently and I graduated high school when I was 17 in 2020 I was really confused about everything because of Corona and got lots of conflicting advice about college in the software field many people call college a scam and that you can learn everything online, and I believed them although what they said isn't necessarily wrong, it doesn't apply to everyone and that's me. I have so much trouble self teaching, no guidance, no connections, and always constantly feeling like I'm missing something.

The big question: I wanted to ask everyone in college if I am starting too late as a 20 year old going on 21 is this a good time to go back to school? I'm not looking at the degree as my ticket to a job I'm using the school to get an education around engineering and science something that's really interested me over the years, but I don't want to set myself back and pay off massive debts, so I thought about a option that might be best for me which is the Associates transfer degree located at my community college, I live in Texas so I wanted to just start with lonestar college for 2 years and then transfer to Texas A&M to finish the bachelor's which leads me to my last and final question to you all.

My dream is to obviously get hired at a big company ones that are on the edge of cutting technology my number one pick is Tesla, but other companies in robotics and AI I would not mind working as well, I don't expect to get hired right out of college, but this is just my magnum opus, so my question is if I get my degree from Texas A&M does that reduce my chances over someone who went to an ivy league school because A&M is a state school and it would save me money doing this than to go into insane debt trying to get into an ivy league or private school.

Thank you guys for reading this if you did I appreciate any advice I get from you guys.

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