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Installation Guides for every Tool/Technology/Software at one Place.

moghya profile image Shubham Sawant ・1 min read

Hello there everyone,

Every time we start to learn new technology or tool we have to install it and we start by goggling,
"How to install this on that platform using that-other thing.".
We do this numerous time, after hopping through multiple blogs, tutorials and forums we finally mange to install things properly.

How about a one stop solution for all the tools/software out there?

I have started a Community Driven Project on GitHub to create instllation guides for all the tools/technology /software.

The sole purpose is to make it easy for people to go through installation steps.

Please consider contributing to this project, fork repo and go through CONTRIBUTING.MD to add guides. Please share this with others and let's create a installation guides directory.

Thank you.


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thadevelyouknow profile image

Oh wow--this is a great idea & so necessary!