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Discussion on: Is linux good enough for everyday programming?

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Marwane Author

I wasn't into the need for WSL since it doesn't increase my productivity, at least for me but I heard some positive feedbacks since the WSL2 came out. does it worth it for general web development?

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Henry Williams

I've been using WSL since the early days and can say that WSL2 is a huge improvement. It's not perfect, but for day-to-day web development it gets the job done. I've hardly had any issues with it.

I use a Macbook for work and it's definitely a more seamless experience, but WSL2 gets the job done for me.

If you decide to try WSL2, I highly suggest Pengwin because it comes with many dev tools installed out of the box and has a custom installer to install other tools (like GUI support, language runtimes, etc.).

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Aleksandr Hovhannisyan

I really want to upgrade to WSL2, but apparently there's a known memory leak issue, so I'm reluctant. WSL1 is so slow >:|