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Whats the difference between Args and Env in Docker

In this article we are going to discuss what's the difference between Args and Env within docker

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When you are creating your docker file to containerise your application often you want to pass arguments to your docker image and to your container but this can get a bit confusing if you are just starting out with Docker and containerisation.

Let us see how we can break this down

ARG - Build time var

Passing arguments to our docker image at build time we utilise ARG. ARG is only available during the build of a docker image. Once the image is build we cannot utilise ARG.

When utilising ARG it is advisable not to pass sensitive data as by using the following command

docker history
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We can see the args that was passed to build the image

ENV - All around Var

Unlike the ARG var, ENV is available to both the container and the image. The ENV can be overriden while starting a container

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