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AWS Fundamentals

This is the first article in a series of article which help prepares for the AWS Solution Architecture certification. In this article we are going to cover the AWS Fundamentals part of AWS Solution Architecture Certification, we are going to cover the fundamentals and

You can watch the full video on YouTube

Global Infrastructure

AWS global infrastructure is formed from

  1. Region: Locations around the world, each region has 2+ Availability Zone
  2. Availability Zone: 2 or more data centers with redundant power/network/connection. Data centers are less then 100KM apart
  3. Edge Locations: endpoints for AWS used for caching content like cloudfront. Edge locations are always more then Availability zones

Who Owns What On The Cloud

Shared responsibility model, we always need to ask ourself can we do this ourself or not?

  1. AWS:
    1. Physical security of the cloud
    2. security of the cloud
    3. hardware maintenance
    4. data center os upgrades
  2. US: security in the cloud
    1. customers data
    2. access to services
    3. OS configuration
    4. Network configuration
    5. IAM
    6. protecting traffic
  3. Shared: Encryption
    1. We have to request to encrypt our data
    2. AWS would need to do the actual encryption and decryption

Services Needed For the Certifications

Compute: We need something to process our code

  1. EC2: VM
  2. Lambda: Serverless
  3. Elastic Beamstalk: provision automated deployment process

Storage: We need a safe place to put our data

  1. S3: Simple Storage Service
  2. EBS: Elastic BeamStall, utilised with VMs
  3. EFS: Elastic file Server
  4. FSX
  5. Storage Gateway

Database: Store/Request information

  1. RDS
  2. Dynamo Db
  3. Redshift

Networking: utilised to make our services communicate

  1. VPC: Virtual data center on the cloud
  2. Direct Connect: connect local data center with the cloud
  3. Roud 53: DBS
  4. API Gateway
  5. AWS Global Accelerator

Please feel free to share any questions.

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