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S06E4 Modern Web Podcast - Vue Updates with Chris Fitz, Jake Dohm, and Rob Ocel

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In this Modern Web podcast, Rob Ocel and Jake Dohm speak about the Vue.js latest updates with Chris Fritz, a Vue Core Team member.

Topics Covered:- What's new in Vue 2.6? - The new V-slot directive- The news Dynamic Directive arguments. Now we can have Dynamic event name and dynamic attribute bindings.- Why the core team prefers to write templates.- Backwards compatibility in Vue.- Differences between big releases like the upcomoing 3.0 version and 2.x versions.- Migration to newest versions. Migration guides. Documentation- The development process that the core team follows.- How the core team tries to hear their users and open the discussions.- Typescript in Vue- Vue 3.0: what changes it brings.- Vue 3.0 performance: why is half the size and twice as fast than prior version.

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