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S05E22 Modern Web Podcast - What's Up With GraphQL 2019 with Tracy Lee, Rob Ocel, Tanmai Gopal, and Uri Goldshtein

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In this modern web podcast, Rob Ocel and Tracy Lee speak to Tanmai Gopal and Uri Goldshtein about GraphQL.

Uri Goldshtein - Founder The Guild -@UriGoldshteinTanmai Gopal - Founder @Hasura - @tanmaigoTracy Lee - @ladyleetRob Ocel - @robocell

Topics covered:Why is GraphQL exploding in popularityWhy GraphQL isn't a fadHow to get started with GraphQLWhat are the full-stack benefits of GraphQLHow to sell GraphQL to your teamHow to migrate to GraphQLWhat happens to clients that still use your REST APIsHow does GraphQL help front-end component-based architecturesHow can GraphQL help with real-time dataHow can you get involved in the GraphQL community

Show Notes:Immutable User Interfaces (Lee Byron) - Full Stack Fest 2016

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