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S05E11 Preact with Ben Lesh, Tracy Lee, Prateek Bhatnagar, Jason Miller, and Zouhir Chahoud

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Tracy Lee and Ben Lesh speak to three Preact Core team members Prateek Bhatnagar, Jason Miller, Zouhir Chahoud. Learn about the latest in Preact!

Hosts:Tracy Lee (@ladyleet) - This Dot Co-founder, GDE, RxJS Core teamBen Lesh (@benlesh) - Engineer at Google, Co-founder This Dot, RxJS Core team

Guests:Jason Miller (@_developit) - Creator of @preactjs. Web DevRel at Google. Zouhir Chahoud (@_zouhir) - Technical Program Manager for Edge at MicrosoftPrateek Bhatnagar (@_prateekbh) - Works on Amp, User Experience Engineer at Google


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