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re: Could it be the case that nobody would ever need to learn Python? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_%28pr... Evil advocate counter-argument: The fact...

"The fact that copy/pasting can be painful can be seen as a good constraint for a developer who wants to master his craft. It's painful to copy/paste. Fine. Then I have to find better ways to come up with code. That will probably be a big win in the long term"
When you have 20+ years of experiences you really don't care about mastering : you want to be efficient.

By the way despite this it's a good language with a good community, I just regret this poor syntax choice even if at first it sounds good.

Oh I agree with you on both points.
1) Being efficient matter and those little things should be fixed
2) Building a language is something, building a good language community is even more important

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