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Introduction to web & html

When we click a website then a request is sent to the server.
Then the server will return a response which is displayed in browser.
Server: Software that serves.
The files hosted will be dumped into folders.
The path is /var/html/www
Live Server: It is used in web development. It used to create a localhost. By using this if we make any changes in our file it will be reflected without refreshing the webpage.


  • Emmet is used to give some pre defined code which increases our coding speed and easy to code.
  • The first emmet I used is !(exclamation) which gives the pre defined code for doctype declaration, head and body.


  • Lorem is used to create dummy text.
  • We can create any no of words by writing the emmet lorem(number), where number is number of words we want.


  • Html stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
  • It is used to create web pages.


  • Tags are basic building blocks of web pages.
  • For headings we have <h1> to <h6>
  • What I have learnt is by using documentation we can get to know more about things.
  • We can create hyperlinks by using <a> (anchor) tag. We can refer another page by using the attribute href="url" where url is the link we wanted to redirect.


  • The tag <img> is used to place an image in the webpage.
  • The attribute src is used to give source of the image the syntax is src="imagepath".
  • The attribute alt is used to display the text if the image is not loaded.
  • The attributes height and width are used to adjust the image.
  • fetchpriority attribute is used to show the image or not while bandwith, the values are high, low, auto.
  • loading attribute is used whether to load the image or not. The values are eager,lazy.

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