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Convert JSON to CSV using JSON path expressions with Konbert

JSON paths are a very simple and intuitive way to reference elements in JSON documents, similar to CSS selectors, but for JSON.

This is how it works, if you had a document like this:

    "name": "Christopher",
    "age": "23",
    "name": "Michael",
    "age": "45",
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You could extract the names of all the person records with this expression:

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  • $ references the root element, in this case an array
  • * is to repeat the expression, so it will match on each object of the array
  • name is to get the name property of the object

So if you used this expression to convert to CSV, this would result in:

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This is very useful when you need to flatten very complex JSON documents, and you only want to extract a few fields.

Go ahead and try our custom JSON to CSV conversion tool. Any feedback is welcome!

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Alejandro Lazcano
is for sale.


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Mo Boudra • Edited

Hi Alejandro, Sqlify is alive and kicking, we just rebranded to

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