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CADBase platform for engineers

CADBase is designed to host information about drawings and related materials (standards, suppliers, supporting documentation).

The main part of the resource is the component page that contains the following data:
  • Basic information about the component, its characteristics and associated files.

  • Component modifications with parameters and associated files.

  • Sets of files for CAD and other programs.

  • Information about the component's related materials: standards, suppliers, catalogs, keywords.

The main differences between CADBase and other solutions:
  • The main entity on the CADBase platform is the component that includes: modifications, standards, suppliers and other related data.

  • Relationships between objects, the main entity on the CADBase platform is a component that includes: modifications, standards, suppliers and other related data.

  • Component modifications may be accompanied by sets of files for various CAD systems.

  • A "base" component view has been implemented that allows multiple suppliers to participate (should make it easier to find a suppliers).
    There is a separate logic for standards in CADBase, standards can be linked to components, and users can view components that use the standard from the standard page.

  • Possibility of presentation of program modules for CAD (this can be done on other resources if desired, but we have made some parts more adaptable for this use).

  • Users can access the platform through a website or API (a single token is used, but API documentation is not ready yet).

Video with a demonstration of the CADBase platform:

The platform can be used both for sharing materials between users and for storing materials without public access.

In some regions there is a problem: the first open site takes 20-30 seconds, in a normal situation, the first open 2-3 seconds.

The project is written in Rust, the Bulma framework was used for CSS (I really liked this framework).

This is I attempt to make a convenient solution for engineering and related industries, now I are waiting for feedback and suggestions from everyone why want try use it.

Due to the fact that the time from idea to MVP was almost 4 years, during this time there were quite a lot of similar solutions, because of which this project will be can simply lose the attention of the target audience.

I hope you like this solution and that people need it.

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