What is your website?

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Hello! I would like to open a discussion about our website.
I got the idea after the post of dfimbres.

  • what technology have we use to do it?
  • what challenge have we come across while doing it?
  • stuff around it (building, testing and deploy)?

This could lead to some advice that one could give to another about it.

As I suggested the discussion, I will start.

My website is available here. I currently use gutenberg to build it, but I have used cobalt before.

I keep the code on my self hosted gitlab and I deploy it on another server through a gitlab-ci runner.

I have mostly struggle with the design (responsive, css, etc...) as I am not really good at it.

What do you think of it?

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Developer, studying to work in game engines. Rust, JS, Bash


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My website is benhalpern.com, it's hosted on GitHub pages and perfect in every way except it's not HTTPS. I'll get to that soon enough.



Your personal website is one of my favorites, but I have to show you this:


A Caring & Worried Friend,


Yeah I know, I might have to retire this old project and do something new and light.

Frankly I still feel like it's a real tragedy of the commons that browsers even can do this without triggering a warning.

While load times and sizes are something caring developers would be very worried about, I feel giving a warning for it outside of devtools would flag a lot of false positives on any site that embedded videos of any meaningful length. And as far as annoying the user, javascript can do far more damage in a lot less bytes. And less data modes are possible iirc.

Either way, if you update your site Iā€™d be very excited to see whatever you come up with :D


That is a true piece of art... Especially the Chat Now video. šŸ˜‚


I just witness the creation of the divine, my eyes melted.

Edit: "Rawhide!"


My website is sasablagojevic.com. It's a custom built CMS on top of Laravel 5.5.

My biggest challenge was building the API for a Drag and Drop Category Tree builder that has infinite nesting. The recursions blew my brain and scattered it all over the wall a few times.

I deploy it with PHPStrom, just SFTP to server...yea I know it's so nineties.


I really like the tree thing for you experience, how did you do it?


Well this is how it looks in my panel. I used the jQuery Nestable for the drag and drop list.

Category tree dash

As far as the logic goes, I have a categories table, that has a category_id foreign key on itself that is nullable.

If it is null it's a "root" category, if it has a value, it is a child category (subcategory). I also have a level column which represents the depth of the child category.

Additionally I added a sort column, which allows me to sort them easier. All of the categories including the child categories are sorted in chronological order, so instead of doing complex queries every time my API is hit for the category tree, I do them after CUD operations and just update the sort column which is a simple INT.

When I build the tree in the code, I start from the root and attach the "branches" with a recursive function.

That's the general gist, thanks for asking!


My personal site: me.nektro.net/
And I also make: apps.nektro.net/

The first is my personal site hodge podge portfolio of a bunch of mini projects I've done in the past. The second is a much more organized landing page for a group of apps I've been making as Web alternative versions for basic productivity apps originally intended desktop and low-storage devices.

They're both made in vanilla HTML, CSS, and ES 2015+, and build with Gulp. They're hosted on GitHub and webhook to Netlify.



I love the first! Very simple and intuitive!


My website is matheusgoncalves.com/, managed directly in a CMS to keep it simple.

It uses some plugins (GitHub, backup, etc), and I added some effects with JavaScript and CSS.

I keep the code in a self hosted Git repository.


Mine is tattoocoder.com, I run it using the Ghost engine self hosted on Azure for the last 5 or 6 years now. It is fronted with Cloudflare for caching, redirects and https.


The main personal website I work on is dougtesting.net/

It uses an old version of CodeIgniter and there is no CMS so all the pages are hand-coded HTML.

At the time it was originally created I was using CodeIgniter for a lot of projects so there weren't many challenges in creating it from a PHP code point of view. Being a back-end focused developer the biggest challenges were probably figuring out the design and CSS to make it work.

Also writing all the content for the Winwheel.js docs was a massive task and took ages but I think the library was better as a result as some of the option names and ways of doing things were simplified as only then did I realise how clunky some of it was.

In terms of deployment, testing etc. The spell-check feature in Open Office writer is my tester to weed out spelling and grammar mistakes. Deployment is an FTP via filezilla.

Current plans are to re-build the site in a modern framework with a CMS so I can create new pages easily and quickly.


Nice! I am currently working/struggling with Code Igniter 2.
After Express, react, rust, j2ee, etc.. it feels ... hard and old '


My site is calhoun.io. I used Tailwind CSS to do most of the design and loved it.

If you are looking for good design resources, refactoringui.com is pretty amazing. The creators have other content worth looking for on their blogs (they have one they work on together I think). They do an awesome job of explaining design for non-designers (like us developers) and making it easy to grasp a few small things that make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of a site.

All that isn't to say your website needs a design overhaul. Just saying if you want more resources on that front I have found this to be a great one.


My website is maarten.cool. It's build on NodeJS with Express. The frontend is all custom except for Gsap. Its hosted on AWS in a docker container.


Nice! I love the "lava lamp" effect.


Thanks! You can read about how it's made from the menu


My is stefanoguerrini.github.io
It's is a simple resume, I made it with vuejs.

So, what do you think?


Simple, give the essential. I make me think I got to work on my online resume.


My website is here: designpuddle.com

A simple portfolio HTML site written built with Skeleton.css, JQuery and a Twitter plugin.

I like to follow KISS principles! :D


Mine is liveedu.tv. We are also redesigning it to offer more value to users. I realized that allowing other competent people to assist me with the developing is beneficial.


Hi, my personal website is blog.mphomphego.co.za, it's hosted on GitHub pages (Jekyll)