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What is your definition of true AI?

1-2 years ago, I had a debate with an ex-colleague on AI.

To be honest, for auto-reply bot or bots who keep reiterate instructed routine(even with the big data calculations) I personally don’t think they are AI. Bots which repeat routines is not AI.

He argued that AI cannot handle topics like soul, God and sex. Chatbots can be loaded data and information on any topics. To test it, keep repeating the same question over and over again once in the while to see the answers. Or rephrase the question and observe the answers.

I think true AI is having ability to think and developing thinking.

Computer loaded with all the possible chess moves data(opening, middle game and closing) and play against Human and won is not AI. There are not new moves thought by the computers is not AI.
I think the real AI should be able to think of innovating new moves in chess and create a new way of playing.

What do you think is the real AI?

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