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Javascript Tagalog - Array Shift Method

Disclaimer: This is a Blog i made with the initial intention of reinforcing my knowledge in JS. I just thought sharing my blogs might be helpful for someone since they are written in tagalog/taglish. Incase of Misinformation I won't be responsible for it and you can comment on the blog to address the mistake or email me. I'm always trying my best to be as accurate as possible. take a look at other resources just to be sure.

Ano ngaba ang Array Shift method sa Javascript?
yung Array Shift method sa javascript is a-alisin niyalang yung pinaka-unang element ng array.

Pano gamitin:

const arr = [1,2,3]


console.log( arr ) // [ 2, 3 ]-
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Return Value:
ano yung value if lalagay mo siya sa variable?

const arr = [1,2,3]

const returnValue = arr.shift()

console.log( returnValue ) // 1

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Kung ano yung inalis na value ng shift() method yun yung i re-return niya.

baka oversimplified,inacurrate information nasulat ko so here's a better in depth documentation (english)
MDN Documentation - Array shift method
More tagalog Javascript Learning Resources:

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