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Javascript Tagalog - Array Push Method

Ano ngaba ang Array Push method sa Javascript
Yung array push method ay basta magpu-push lang siya ng value sa array.

Pano Gamitin:

const arr = [0,1,2]


console.log( arr ) // [0,1,2,3]

//Pwede multiple arguments ilagay mo

console.log( arr ) // [0,1,2,3,4,5]
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diba? easy lang!.

Return Value
ano yung value if lalagay mo siya sa variable?

const arr = [0,1,2]

const returnValue = arr.push(3)
console.log( returnValue ) // 4
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yung return value ng push method is yung bagong length ng array after natin maglagay ng bagong element

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