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Mpho Mphego on November 20, 2018

Not sure if this has been done before, but would you care to share your bashrc commands. Below I have listed all my bashrc Note mac user's, i'm ru... [Read Full]
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I've got some on a github repo, under dotfiles/bash that you can look at if you like, though they're nothing special.

# Useful Function
function commiter() {

... I'm glad you commented that one!


Hahaha I just grew tired off committing and pushing Everytime, hence the comment...


This one is huge. If you ask me, I'd abstract away *mount functions. And I prefer git aliases to live in .gitconfig - they feel as custom commands this way, which is kinda cool.
Also, seems this is not what it claims to be:

# Network Start, Stop, and Restart
alias light='xbacklight -set'

Thanks for the tip, I should probably remove that alias, haven't used it in a while .


May I humbly submit an addition to your welcome message?

fortune | cowsay

Hahahaha well thank you.
I tried fortune | cowsay -f tux


I like your setup! Not unlike what I've got going on in my .emacs, with concerns fully separated - don't know why I never thought to split this up either. Thanks for the ideas!


You are more than welcome.
Initially my bashrc was cluttered, I just recently tried to separate the aliases and functions and it turned out alright - I suppose.


Never gave zsh a chance, maybe I should look into it.
Thanks for the link ;-)

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