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I created a auto-follower bot!

mmphego profile image Mpho Mphego ・1 min read

I created a script that logs on your account and follows back everyone that recently followed you. At over 3k followers and only 500 followings, I felt weird about that ratio - so I decided to create a bot.

Yes, I read the terms of use and there were no mentions regarding automated bots.


I hold no liability for what you do with this bot or what happens to you by using this bot. Not sure if abusing this bot can get you banned from, so make sure to read up terms of use.


Code is available on Github, see .travis.yml for usage and dependencies.

GitHub logo mmphego / devto-auto-follower automated follower bot


Build Status automated follower bot.

You can fork it, create travis account if you do not have any.

Read further on how to:

Discussion (2)

moopet profile image
Ben Sinclair

I think the idea of following people simply because they follow you is unhelpful, if not actually damaging to a user's experience.

I would really strongly advise people not to do this.

mmphego profile image
Mpho Mphego Author

I came to that realization after your comment.

You'd end up giving control of who you follow, and therefore your feed, to other people.

You'd end up seeing a lot of crap content and spam.

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