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Discussion on: 5 vs code extension to make coding environment more attracting

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Mirko Lorusso • Edited on

Hi, thanks for the article!
I'm not sure about the point of using Indent Rainbow with the color set to black: the good thing about this extension is that it lets you identify the level of indentation at a glance, by just looking at the color.
How do you use it?

Edit: ok sorry, I got it. When I first read the article, I missed your phrase about the red indentation. However, I think that most of the power of this extension is when you use it with its default colors.

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Sahil Saif Author

yea it's default black,, but after installation you can see the difference between in code,, and the more you go div inside div the black will fade slowly. As for me, i got difference in black . But you can change the color if black does not suits you. very simple just type indent rainbow in setting and then it's setting will be add on setting.json there you can customize every level's color. And yea to customize it from default , you need to be little pro ,otherwise will looks weird.

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Mirko Lorusso

Ok, now I see the shades, thanks.
From the screenshot in the article, every level seemed just plain black :)