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E-Delivery - JustEat Clone App by Elluminati Review 2022

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In the past few years, utility applications have seen a dramatic increase in demand, as the world moves to mobile. The on-demand delivery of food is one such field that has completely changed. Delivery applications such as Zomato, JustEat, and UberEats facilitate the convenience of millions of people.

Nowadays, customers aren't limited to restaurants that provide food delivery; whether it's a midnight hunger pang or an early morning hunger hit, people are getting their food delivered when and where they want. There is nothing new about on-demand food delivery. Initially, people called restaurants by phone and placed their orders, which were delivered by the restaurant.

The U.S. alone placed $11 billion worth of food orders via phone in 2011. The advent of smartphones, cutting-edge technologies, and high-speed internet has revolutionized the food delivery industry, as have on-demand food delivery apps. The number of online orders exceeded the number of phone orders in 2015.

Moreover, the pandemic added fuel to this growing market and there is a rippling effect of COVID-19. However, even before the pandemic hit the world, approximately 44% of US consumers were regular users of food delivery services.

Whether or not there is a pandemic, now is the best time for online food startups to dominate the industry. JustEat is one of the best examples of an online food delivery app development, isn't it? This app has set a benchmark in the field of food delivery with its impressive features and business strategies.

What is an E-Delivery JustEat Clone?

Elluminati’s JustEat clone is the best solution, designed and developed by Elluminati Inc. This platform has the potential to streamline online food orders and also comes with certain advanced features such as marketing, contactless delivery, smooth payment options, etc.

JustEat is a popular food delivery app and dominates the UK market. After witnessing its major success, more and more entrepreneurs are willing to digitise their businesses with a robust solution, and E-Delivery is the perfect choice to meet rising business needs. People are becoming increasingly interested in these food delivery apps as it is a business model that is destined for success. If you've been dreaming of having your very own food delivery service, now's the time!

Overview of JustEat Application

Here is how JustEat capturing the market,

  • JustEat became the most powerful food delivery application across the UK with a gross booking of millions of orders and it holds more than 52% of the UK market.
  • It witnessed a significant hike with revenue up to $819 million
  • JustEat holds the major UK market and keeps expanding its operations across other regions
  • As the pandemic hit, 30% of the new restaurant's partners with JustEat to stay afloat in the market

Online food delivery has experienced dramatic growth, encouraging many entrepreneurs to launch their own businesses, even if it means a small or medium-sized one. Additionally, it is a common belief that an app like JustEat is a single platform with the integration of numerous features. But this is a myth. The actual reality is deeper with added complexities and the JustEat clone comprises of,

  • An application for users
  • An application for delivery providers
  • An application for restaurants
  • And Admin panel

In order to provide a seamless ordering experience to customers, essential features are integrated into the solution and that is beneficial to each stakeholder involved in the process.

Benefits of Embracing E-Delivery JustEat Clone for Your Business

Orders can be placed online from the convenience of customers' homes and offices. This results in people spending more time looking through the menu and selecting foods that are to their taste. As a result of their increased menu browsing, customers will likely order more than they normally would. It is beneficial for both restaurants and customers.

There are certain benefits of embracing the JustEat clone for your restaurant business such as,

Appeal to Wide Audience

You can reach a wide and diverse audience with an app like JustEat. As your online business doesn't depend solely on local clients, you can go above and beyond to attract new clients. The more clients you have, the more money you make!

Reduction in Operational Cost

Offline restaurants and bistros are expensive to run. There are costs associated with this type of business, including employee salaries, rent, power, other services, and maintenance fees. It eliminates most of the overhead costs; there will be no need for a physical location or more staff to run an online food business.

Revenue Boost

You will have the opportunity to explore a whole new world of possibilities when you expand your business online. Having an online food business makes it easier to cater to a larger audience and generate appealing revenue.

Opt for JustEat Clone to Stand Tall in the Queue

Despite advancements in food ordering and delivery, startups who want to establish their presence need to improve their online presence. Food delivery apps allow customers to order food whenever they want. Moreover, it facilitates all aspects of brand management, from tracking to payments. Although a delivery app has advantages for both brands and customers, it's true that customers can benefit from it too.

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