mljbrackett profile image Michael Brackett ・1 min read

This week I was tasked with refactoring some code, committing it, then rebasing and squashing.

Obviously, I did this to my ever-upgrading linkcheck program where you can find at: https://github.com/MLJBrackett/link-check

In general this lab was pretty easy for me and I had no issues, reason being is I tried very hard when I first created the program to keep the code very clean and small so that maintainability would be easy in the future. But as always, we miss a couple of things here and there. For instance, in this Lab I removed some global variables, removed unused variables and removed a string concatenation between my output strings. While the string concatenation was not needed and my code worked fine with it, it seemed like this was a much better way to implement the change and give a layer of separation between me changing the colour of the output and printing the string afterwards.

You can find my rebased and squashed commit here: https://github.com/MLJBrackett/link-check/commit/bee1842b6de4228ad85b2b32b64292520acde8d1

It was a funny lab because I literally just was researching about rebasing and squashing for my lab 4. You can find more about my experience researching about it at: https://dev.to/mljbrackett/osd-lab4-35l0


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