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What’s New for SharePoint and Office 365 from SharePoint Conference 2019 (Part 2)

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SharePoint and Office 365 have come a long way and it is nothing but amazing to see the constant innovation that Microsoft has been introducing to the platform over the years!

From May 21st to 23rd, Microsoft has once again hosted SharePoint Conference, one of its biggest tech events, revealing many exciting new features in the Microsoft world, including SharePoint and Office 365.


There are lot of new announcements being released at a very fast pace and it is challenging to stay up to date with everything that is being released!

This post will try to resume the latest announcements in the SharePoint and Office 365 world and what it means for end users, IT Pros and developers.

Hope you are ready for a ride, fasten your seat belt, because there are many new features coming (some of them may be already rolled out at the time of this writing). While it is impossible to talk about everything that has been announced, I will try to resume some of the biggest announcements in a two part series. These are the main topics I will discuss in the second part of this two part series:

  • What’s New for Administrators
  • What’s New for Security and Compliance
  • What’s New for SharePoint Server (On-Premises)
  • Fluid Framework
  • Other Relevant Announcement

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What’s New for Administrators

As in other areas, there are a lot of new announcements for administrators.

SharePoint Admin Center

In Preview for some time, the modern SharePoint admin center will become the default experience for administering SharePoint Online including the management of classic experiences through the new modern UI. Below, some of the most important announcements.

Consolidated Views (Available Soon)

With the new update, in the new SharePoint admin center experience you can manage both settings related to modern SharePoint experiences and classic features, meaning that there will be no need to to work across modern and classic admin centers to manage settings across modern and classic settings.

Bulk Actions (Available Soon)

Soon it will be possible to performing bulk actions against a collection of sites. These actions include updating the site’s sharing configuration, performing hub site association or deleting sites.

Site URL Rename (Available Soon)

One my favorite announcements of the whole event! Site URL Rename has been one of the most popular requests via UserVoice and soon it will be possible in the SharePoint Admin Center to change a site URL.

If you are worried if you are going to have broken links, stop worrying! The changes to the site URL will have no impact since access requests to the old URL will be redirected to the new URL, meaning that users will not need to update their links and bookmarks.

SharePoint Site Swap (Coming Soon)

A new Windows PowerShell cmdlet (Invoke-SPOSiteSwap) will be available soon that allows admins to replace the root site within a tenant, e.g. with an existing site, such as This is extremely useful if you have a classic site as the root site of the tenant and you want to replace it with a modern site.

To learn more about all the announcements for administrators, click here.

What’s New for Security and Compliance

If it is nothing but impressive to see the way SharePoint and Office 365 introduces new collaboration features, it is not less impressive the investments made on security in the Office 365 platform. In 2017, Microsoft has launched a licensing model that includes an impressive security feature set called Microsoft 365. This is a bundle that includes:

  • Windows 10
  • Office 365
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security

This bundle comes in three different flavors:

If you want to know more about all the security features included Microsoft 365, click here.

Below, are the main announcements for Security and Compliance.

Sensitivity Labels for SharePoint Sites (Private Preview)

Collaborating in a secure and protecting the information in your tenant is critical, specially if you have sensitive information.

By using Sensitivity Labels, you can apply security and access policies to SharePoint sites based on the sensitivity of the site. You can create sensitivity labels (ex: Confidential Document) and associate them with policies in the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Center to for example restrict users from download or print documents or even share them with external users. These labels can then be applied to files, emails, groups, sites and teams to enforce consistent policies across the information in your tenant.

One of the major security announcements of the event is that soon it will be possible to edit protected documents with Sensitivity Labels as long as you have edit permissions on the document. This is a major update since before this update, it was not possible to edit protected documents at all.

External Access Expiration (Preview Q3 CY19)

Another important update announced in the event is that it will be possible for a tenant administrator to specify how long external users can have access to sites and the content that is shared with them. Once the expiration date is reached, the external user will no longer have access to the site or content unless their access is extended by the site owner or a new sharing invitation is sent.

DLP Restricted Sharing (Private Preview Q3 CY19)

With this new update, it will be possible for organizations to block sharing as anonymous anonymous links of content flagged as sensitive by DLP (Data Loss Prevention).

OneDrive Restricted User Access (Private Preview)

It will be possible to prevent external users to create OneDrive sites and to access other users’s OneDrive sites.

To learn more about all the announcements for security and compliance, click here.

To read all about the most recent announcements of SharePoint and Office 365, click here.

Happy SharePointing!

The post What’s New for SharePoint and Office 365 from SharePoint Conference 2019 (Part 2) appeared first on Blog IT.

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