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Free Events in December 2023 to Help You Learn About the Cloud

Why learn about cloud technology?

Cloud services provide access to a wide range of tools and resources that aid in faster application development, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and experimentation.

Understanding cloud technology equips new developers with essential skills in deploying, managing, and optimizing applications, enhancing their employability and adaptability in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Embracing cloud technologies early in your career will allow you to stay abreast of industry trends and prepare you to contribute effectively to projects and businesses leveraging cloud-based solutions in your first internship.

Upcoming Cloud Events

1) Global Hack Week: Cloud, Virtual, December 4th-11th

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Join thousands of hackers globally for a week of 50+ free workshops designed to help you learn about cloud technology. Learn how to use popular tools like Google Cloud, Firebase, and Docker.

Below is a preview of the schedule!
⭐ Max Out Your Hack With Google Cloud
⭐ Firebase Apps 101
⭐ Intro to the Cloud
⭐ Docker Deployment 101: Deploying Applications
⭐ Building a Mobile App with Google Cloud Tools

2) AWS Dev Days, Virtual, On-Demand

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AWS Dev Days are free virtual events where people of technical backgrounds can dive deep into some of the hottest and most advanced topics in cloud computing. Join them for demo-focused technical sessions with AWS technical experts!

3) Google Cloud Fundamentals: Big Data and Machine Learning, Virtual, December 8th

This 1-day course introduces the Google Cloud big data and machine learning products and services that support the data-to-AI lifecycle. It explores the processes, challenges, and benefits of building a big data pipeline and machine learning models with Vertex AI on Google Cloud.

Google offers a variety of virtual cloud courses for developers of all skill levels. They also offer courses in different languages! You can filter the list to help you find the right course for you on Google's website here.

Screenshot of Google website with workshops listed

4) Cloud Academy Exam Prep Webinars, Virtual, On-Demand

If you're a step ahead and already looking to get your cloud certifications, we found this awesome resource for you! In this virtual and on-demand series, instructors from all the big cloud companies (Google, Microsoft, AWS) share how to prepare and ace their exams.


If you want to learn about the cloud, there are a wide variety of free events and resources available to help you learn. You are not alone on your learning journey! Happy hacking!

What cloud events did we miss? Let me know, so we can build out this list.

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